Our Tree Services

Find out why we are the tree service of choice in greater Vernal, UT. Our professional services include the following:

Tree Trimming
Tree Removal
Stump Removal

Tree Trimming

Your trees are the first thing you see in your landscape, providing year-round beauty, protection and shade. Keep them at their best with help from the tree care experts at Tree Care Services Inc. We offer the safest and most affordable tree trimming in Vernal, UT.

At Tree Care Services Inc., we have some of the most knowledgeable and expert tree pruners in our region. They can provide precise tree branch cutting that will improve the tree and not cause more damage.

Since tree branch pruning can be hazardous for both the tree and the one doing the work, it is a job best done by professionals rather than left to the weekend gardener. Our tree cutters can provide you with a quality job, no matter the case. We can provide the correct pruning for:

  • Aesthetics— We can shape and beautify your tree and allow it to better fit within your landscape scheme.
  • Disease— We can diagnose disease and insect damage and provide trimming to remove only the limbs required to promote the health of the tree. We also can carefully trim off damaged limbs without causing more stress to the plant.
  • Overhang— Our experts can carefully remove branches that are dangling precariously over structures or ones that are interfering with your view or blocking the vision of drivers.
  • Sunshine— We can thin boughs to allow more sunlight to reach plants below.
  • Overhead— Call us to remove branches that are getting tangled with overhead wiring.

When you contact us at Tree Care Services Inc., we will inspect your trees and discuss your precise needs with you. Then we can put together the correct trimming plan and provide you with a complete and accurate estimate. For tree trimming you can count on to improve your tallest plants, contact us at Tree Care Services Inc. for a consultation and free estimate.

Tree Removal

As strong and sturdy as they are, trees do not last forever. Whether you need a damaged or diseased tree removed or have trees that are in the way of other land uses, you can depend on the expert team at Tree Care Services Inc. for prompt and reliable tree excavating. We are the specialists in tree removal in Vernal, UT, with the experience you want working on your property.

We have provided our licensed and insured crew with the equipment they need to tackle most any tree of any size in any location. They are trained in all the latest safety measures and work to make sure that they cause no damage to surrounding people and property, to the extent that even your lawn will not suffer from any damage. In addition to tree removal, we also can provide arbor removal, root pulling, and tree transference service. All our services are guaranteed to satisfy you and to improve the look and value of your land.

When you call us for a tree removal, we will scout the area and designate a safe zone where we can deposit the cut limbs and tree trunk until we can dispose of them properly and completely. Then, our expert tree climbers will use safety harnesses to begin removing limbs from the top down. We have the bucket trucks and cranes to assist in the dismantling. They give us the ability to ensure that the parts will be carefully lowered to the right spot.

When you have a tree that has passed its prime, contact the pros at Tree Care Services Inc. for a free inspection and estimate.
Join your Vernal, UT neighbors who rely on us for safe and thorough tree removal services. We also have firewood available for purchase.

Stump Removal

No matter how you dress them up with potted plants or garden gnomes, tree stumps are unsightly. They also can be hazardous for pedestrians and children at play, get in the way of lawn mowers, are a home to termites and four-legged vermin, and generally limit the useful space on your property.

Whether you have inherited a mystery stump from a tree long gone or recently have had a tree removed, call on the experts in stump grinding in Vernal, UT at Tree Care Services Inc. We can quickly get rid of stumps of all sizes and in most any location for the areas best prices.

As a professional stump grinder contractor, we have the equipment to handle your stump problem by thoroughly removing it and any surface roots. Complete stump removal is recommended as opposed to opting for stump sanding or stump dulling, as it allows you to re-plant or build directly on that spot.

Our stump grinding service typically can be completed in a single day, and your property is immediately available for further landscaping. When our team arrives and sets up the stump grinder, they will remove the stump down to a depth of about a foot below the surface. They then will backfill the hole and compact the dirt, leaving you with a supply of beneficial mulch in the bargain. Take back your lawn, and get rid of those ugly stumps by calling on the stump grinding services of Tree Care Services Inc.

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